Depression, Grief & Loss

Depression, Grief & Loss

Do you feel depressed, sad, empty, hopeless?  Have you lost interest or pleasure in life?  Are you gaining or losing weight, having trouble sleeping, feeling fatigued, worthless, guilty, indecisive, or having thoughts of death or hurting yourself?  If you are struggling with any of these symptoms, or have mood swings, you do not need to continue to suffer; please reach out for assistance. 

If you have experienced a major loss, whether recent or long ago, I can help you process it through so you can move beyond the pain and sadness while gaining more access to the positive memories of your lost loved one. 

Available via telehealth for therapy and consultation:

My professional services are available remotely via a secure HIPAA compliant format or Facetime. I can effectively provide therapy virtually for anyone within the state of California, including individual and couples therapy, and EMDR therapy. You are welcome to join me for individual and/or group EMDR consultation remotely wherever you are in the world.

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