Addiction Issues

Addiction Issues

Do you or a loved one struggle with excessive use of alcohol, drugs, prescription medicine, gambling or another addiction?  Signs of substance abuse or addiction can include using more than intended, unsuccessful attempts to cut down or stop, cravings or using despite resultant problems with work or social relationships.  I specialize in helping individuals and family members heal from the pain of addiction.  It is heartwarming to be part of the transformation leading away from the downward spiral of addiction and into the upward cycle of healing and recovery. 

Online Therapy and EMDR Consultation Now Available With Telehealth

All of my professional services are available remotely.  I can provide teletherapy for anyone within the state of California, including individual and couples therapy, and EMDR therapy.  You are welcome to join me for individual and/or group EMDR consultation remotely wherever you are in the world.  Sessions are available via a secure HIPAA compliant Zoom format.  Other options include Facetime or telephone.

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